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Park Rules for Cherry Tree Park

1.    Speed limit on the park is 5.MPH at all times.

2.    Any tenant on the park that owns there mobile home and wishes to sell must inform the        site owner, and the site owner must interview potential purchasers before transfer can        take place.

3.    All existing dogs on park must be kept on leads at all times.

4.    All residents living on the park must not cause a disturbance at any time day or night.

5.    All homes on the site must be kept clean and tidy within three meters around the homes.

6.    All occupiers should keep their grass cut and gardens maintained.

7.    No cars or motor vehicles of any kind including motor bikes are allowed on the site if there        are not taxed for the road and insured.

8.    No motor vehicles are allowed to be dismantled or repaired on site at all.

9.    All motor vehicles on site must use the one way system.

10.   Strictly no football or ball games to be played on site.

11.   All cars must be parked only in approved parking areas and no parking is permitted on         site roads.

12.   Strictly no commercial vehicles to be parked on site at any time.

13.   Visitorís cars must be parked in the visitorís car parking area.

14.   All homes must be fully insured.

15.   All residents must be semi retired/retired.